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Affordable Bankruptcy Services Receives BBB Accreditation!

Press Release – For Immediate Publication

The Better Business Bureau Unanimously Votes to Recognize  Affordable Bankruptcy Services and the Law Offices of Paul S. Taub, LLC as an Accredited Connecticut Bankruptcy Law Firm and Business!

West Hartford, CT — Affordable Bankruptcy Services announced on September 1, 2019, that after a thorough application process, the Better Business Bureau (of Connecticut), has officially granted accreditation status to our Firm!  Attorney Paul S. Taub stated, “we have always strived to provide the highest level of legal expertise in the handling of our client’s cases, but this recognition by one of the most respected consumer rights organizations in the country, is further validation of our Firm’s commitment to excellence.”

Affordable Bankruptcy ServicesWe are fortunate that an organization such as the Better Business Bureau exists in this country, as there always those businesses that prefer short-cuts and rip-offs to turn a quick profit, instead of operating a respectable business that puts its customers first and maintains the highest level of quality throughout the entire relationship, because they are in business for the long haul, not the quick and easy buck!  The good, hard-working, people of Connecticut, deserve to be respected by the businesses that service their needs, and I’m proud that our Firm is one of those trustworthy businesses, putting the Client first and the bottom-line second!

The Law Offices of Paul S. Taub, LLC, which is the parent law firm of Affordable Bankruptcy Services, has always handled cases that benefit consumers, so it is a fitting relationship that our CT bankruptcy law firm is now formally and officially accredited by the BBB, the organization who’s ratings so many consumers trust when making decisions about which business to hire and which to stay away from.

Affordable Bankruptcy Services and the BBB are a good fit because we’ve always believed in transparency when quoting our fees to potential clients and providing them with a clear, written description of the work that we will be performing.  All in black and white, signed by all parties, before we get started, so there is never any confusion about the work we will be performing and the amount we will charge for that work! 

No sales tactics, hard-selling, half-answered questions, or promising more than can be delivered.  Our mission statement and the Rules of Conduct that all lawyers must adhere to, guide our business practices and our client-centered approach to lawyering.  We’ve worked hard to earn the grade that the BBB has given us, and we will continue that hard work as long as we have clients to serve.

Soon we will be receiving our accreditation materials to publicize on our website and everyone can be reassured that we will continue to always work our hardest to ensure that our clients receive the services and personalized attention that Affordable Bankruptcy Services has come to be known. Over the past 17+ years, Attorney Taub has filed over 700 bankruptcy petitions, and that number continues to grow at a very rapid pace!

Even in the past, prior to our BBB recognition, you would always receive the best service we could provide at a very fair price.  Now, with our BBB accreditation, our potential clients can approach us and retain our services, without any reservation about our the type of Company we are, and how well we treat our clients!

Affordable Bankruptcy Services provides personal bankruptcy services to the entire state of Connecticut.  We offer fixed-fee, all-inclusive pricing, so you know exactly what the cost is for the work we will be performing on your behalf.

Congratulations Affordable Bankruptcy Services on a continued job well done, and your continued approach to practicing law from a client-centered perspective!  Well done!

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