Foreclosure Surplus Recovery Attorney for the state of Connecticut, Attorney Paul S. Taub.

I have years of experience recovering surplus foreclosure funds for my clients.  And with a 90+% success rate, I won’t take a case unless I believe your chances of recovery of a substantial sum is highly likely.

I represent post-foreclosure clients throughout CT when it comes to recovering surplus foreclosure or tax sale funds, and I can certainly represent you to give you the best chance of recovering what is rightfully yours, instead of having those funds go to the State’s General Fund.

I am happy to provide you with a pre-foreclosure assessment of the likelihood of a post-foreclosure surplus recovery.  Simply schedule an on-line, over-the-phone consultation with me by clicking on the red box at the bottom of the screen.  I will be happy to answer all of your questions, and give you a fair approximation of the fees and the amount of the funds that you can expect to receive upon a successful recovery.

Remember, if I don’t recover funds on your behalf, there is no fee charged to you.  I only charge a fee if I am successful in recovering funds on your behalf.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I look forward to speaking with you about your post-foreclosure and post-tax sale surplus recovery needs!  I’ve been handling these cases since 2002 and I know what it takes to recover the funds that you are entitled to!

Common Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Post-Foreclosure Surplus Recovery in CT …

What is a Foreclosure Surplus?

In a foreclosure, your house or condominium can be sold to pay what you still owe on your mortgage. If your property sells for more than the amount you owe on your home, this extra money is called a surplus. Collecting a surplus generally ends the foreclosure.

Do I get money back after foreclosure?

Can I Get a Refund After Home Foreclosures? Sometimes there is money left over from the payments towards the mortgage and/or tax debts after foreclosure sales. Many people do not know that they can receive surplus property funds after their property is sold in a ct foreclosure auction.  The Court does not simply mail you a check after the foreclosure sale, unfortunately.  It is necessary, and recommended, that you retain legal counsel experienced in these matters to represent you, file an appearance on your behalf, prepare and file the necessary Motions for Final Supplemental Judgment, and attend the Court Hearing to argue the Motion on your behalf.

What happens to excess proceeds from foreclosure sale?

Excess proceeds exist when a property is sold at foreclosure and the money from the sale equals more than the debts collected from the sale. … Any foreclosure sale money exceeding the amount of the first mortgage is then deposited with the Clerk of the Superior Court in which the foreclosure action originated.  They hold onto the funds until they are either claimed by the foreclosed homeowner or they escheat to the State’s General Fund.  In Connecticut,  If the funds are not claimed by the foreclosed homeowner, the funds, after a period of 2 to 3 years, depending on the type of foreclosure (tax sale or mortgage foreclosure), will be turned over to the State of Connecticut’s General Fund and you will lose those funds permanently.

How long does it take to recover surplus funds from a ct foreclosure auction or ct tax sale?

Generally speaking, and each Superior Court in Connecticut moves at its own pace, the general range in terms of start to funds in your pocket can range anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks.

Will the Client have to attend the Court hearing?

In the majority of cases, the answer is No.  As your legal representative, I will handle all of the aspects connected to the recovery of your surplus.  This includes the appearance, the preparation of the Motions, the Filing of the Motions, and the Court Hearing.  Once the Judge rules in your favor, the Clerk generally has 30 days to make the disbursement.

How much does it cost to retain your services?

I charge a flat fee of 1/3 of the amount that I recover on your behalf.  There are no hidden expenses or costs that are tacked on in the final invoicing of the representation.  Whatever I can recover for you, I will charge 1/3 of the total recovery amount, and you will receive the remaining 2/3.  Since I am taking your case on a contingency fee basis, it is customary for attorneys to charge 1/3 of the recovery, since the attorney is assuming 100% of the risk of the surplus recovery.  Again, no recovery, no fee to you!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What Counties Do I Provide Post-Foreclosure and Tax Sale Surplus Representation?

I am a Hartford County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, a Tolland County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, a Middlesex County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, a New Haven County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, a Litchfield County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, and a New London County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer.  As long as you live in Connecticut, it will be my privilege to handle your Foreclosure Surplus case personally just as I have done for many clients since 2002.  That is my promise to you!

Click here to schedule your free, over-the-phone surplus recovery consultation with Attorney Paul S. Taub.  The consultation is free, there is no obligation, and there is no fee unless we can recover money on your behalf!  I look forward to speaking with you!  Click Here to schedule Your Free Surplus Recovery Consultation!