Video Bankruptcy Tips from Bankruptcy Attorney Taub

CT Bankruptcy Lawyer and CT Bankruptcy Attorney Tips For Individuals Considering Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Connecticut.  Please note our updated phone #: 860.523.5551

Bankruptcy Tip # 1 – Bankruptcy Eligibility

Bankruptcy Tip # 2 – How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Updated video currently in production and will be released shortly. However, current fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Representation is $1,949, which is “all-inclusive”. This is the total you will pay from the beginning to the end of your case. The quoted fee includes the legal fee, the $335 court filing fee, credit counseling fee, and credit report fee.  Add your spouse for an additional $250!

Bankruptcy Tip # 3 – Saving Your Retirement Accounts

Bankruptcy Tip # 4 – Fraudulent Conveyances

Bankruptcy Tip # 5 – Insider Preferences

Bankruptcy Tip # 6 – Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Tip # 7 – Honest Always The Best Policy

Bankruptcy Tip # 8 – Save Your Income and Assets

Bankruptcy Tip # 9 – What Debts Are Dischargeable In Bankruptcy