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Affordable Bankruptcy Services is the personal bankruptcy division of the Law Offices of Paul S. Taub, LLC since 2002!

Attorney Taub has successfully filed almost 800 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases Since Starting His Legal Career in 2002. He Can Provide You With the Information and Answer You Need to Make a Decision as to Whether Bankruptcy is Right for You! Every case is a bit different, but in the majority of consultations we provide, Bankruptcy is usually the best option available for solving your financial problems quickly, affordably, and conveniently. The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts are open and accepting cases again. Don’t wait until your Creditors sue you, garnish your wages, harass you, or take the money in your bank accounts! There is a solution that provides the fastest debt-relief in the country! Schedule your no-obligation consultation today by clicking on the link below!

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Representation for one low, fixed-rate of only $1,750! Don’t be fooled by those $0 down offers! Those offers can end up costing you $2,500 or more. That’s not a fresh financial start!

With Affordable Bankruptcy Services, Serving All of Connecticut, Our Clients Know the Price of Their Bankruptcy Case in Advance! And it is not subject to change!

Affordable Bankruptcy Services
Representing Connecticut Residents in Their Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filings Since 2002

Real debt relief that is affordable, experienced, and effective from the Law Offices of Paul S. Taub, LLC dba Affordable Bankruptcy Services!

Imagine yourself debt-free in only months! Imagine having money left over at the end of the month! Imagine saving for your retirement, a vacation, a rainy day, and a child’s education! Imagine finally being able to afford your own home!  Imagine not living from paycheck to paycheck!

The fact is that the financial system for lower to middle income wage earners, retirees, and disabled individuals is designed to keep you in debt so much so that the majority of your income is wasted away every month just trying to keep up with making the minimum payments! The game plan of big business is to extract the maximum amount of profit from you by charging sky-high interest rates and assessing fees at every turn, while almost none of your monthly payment goes to actually reducing the amount of debt that you owe.  It’s just like that old phrase, “to be killed by a thousand little cuts and stab wounds.” 

Soon, you reach a point where you can no longer pay any more, after years of making payment after payment, because we were all taught that we must pay our debts, no matter what!  And that filing for bankruptcy is a shameful step to take because you weren’t raised that way!  But guess what? Times are much different now than they were back in the day!

The deck is so unfairly stacked against the average consumer today, it is practically impossible to pay your way out of debt! So, why kill yourself in a totally unfair fight? And why wait until you have liquidated all of your assets in an effort to pay those debts from the past?  Do not let yourself get hung-up on the notion that bankruptcy is the absolute last resort, when it shouldn’t be.  There is no rule in this world that says you have to be absolutely broke before you can file for bankruptcy protection.

Save yourself, save your assets, save your retirement savings especially, and take action before you lose everything!   Forget debt consolidation! Forget debt settlement! Those avenues are literally for suckers and they fail way more often than they succeed!  If you find yourself financially break-even or negative at the end of the month, you need to dip into savings to make ends meet, or you are soon approaching that reality, it is time to consider bankruptcy as the best, least expensive, and most effective solution to your debt problems. Period.

There is no other way to extract yourself from the crushing debt that can and will ruin your life. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is  called the Fresh Start Bankruptcy for a reason!  No matter how much debt you have, if you can no longer manage to pay your past debts and pay your monthly living expenses with money left over to save for the future, it is time to consider a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing!

As a Connecticut Bankruptcy Lawyer or Connecticut Bankruptcy Attorney, (the terms CT Bankruptcy Lawyer and CT Bankruptcy Attorney mean the same thing), since 2002, Affordable Bankruptcy Services, the bankruptcy division of the Law Offices of Paul S. Taub, LLC, have filed close to 800 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases for its Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Clients over the past 18+ years. 

Successful bankruptcy cases that have provided our Clients with real debt relief! Debt relief that makes all the difference in the world between struggling to survive and living a financially stable existence, between constant creditor harassment and meeting your financial obligations and goals going forward, and between an existence filled with stress, anxiety, and fear to an existence of quiet confidence and the satisfaction of achieving your financial goals and providing for yourself and your dependents!  

Sign-Up for a Free Consultation with our CT Bankruptcy Law Firm, conducted over the phone, and learn how a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing can eliminate 100% of all your eligible unsecured debts, and turn your life around 180 degrees for the better! Our Phone Consultations will provide you with the answers and the information pertaining to bankruptcy as it relates to your personal and specific set of financial circumstances.

During your Over-The-Phone, Free Bankruptcy Consultation, you’ll speak with one of our experienced Paralegals who will explain the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process from start to finish, including:

  • Determining Your Eligibility to File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case.
  • What Assets You Can Keep or Protect in Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case.
  • What Debts Get 100% Wiped Out in Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case.
  • Which Debts must be honored after your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case.
  • How the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Works and What Will Be Expected of You Throughout the Process.
  • The Timeframe Involved in Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief in CT.
  • And More!…


Before making your decision regarding which Law Firm should handle your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case, make sure to ask if the quoted fee  includes all of the fees and services listed below!

  • Your Pre-Retainer Consultation Session
  • The time we spend performing our due diligence efforts to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your bankruptcy petition.
  • The time we spend helping you compile the necessary documentation and information that must be included in your bankruptcy petition and that proves the veracity of the information contained in your petition. 
  • The time we spend preparing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.
  • The time we spend and the costs we incur in securing the required third-party information and reports that must be obtained.
  • The time we spend reviewing your petition with you before your case is filed.
  • The time we spend advising you throughout the bankruptcy filing process.
  • The time we spend filing all of the documents, schedules, and certifications that are required by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
  • Credit Counseling Course – Part I 
  • Credit Bureau Report Fee
  • Credit Counseling Course – Part II
  • Includes the $338 Court Filing Fee!
  • And as an additional bonus, you will receive Attorney Taub’s self-authored e-book entitled, “Making the Most of Your Financial Fresh Start!”

At Affordable Bankruptcy Services, you are guaranteed to receive the experience and expertise of Bankruptcy Attorney Paul S. Taub, who has filed almost 800 personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases on behalf of those living throughout the state of Connecticut over the past 18+ years and now enjoy a debt-free lifestyle, and couldn’t be happier!

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Aren’t you tired of threats from collection agencies, nasty collection letters, threatened law suits, embarrassing collection calls to your work and family members, wage garnishments, bank levy’s, and low credit scores?  It’s time for you to fight back and take control of your finances and your financial future.  Stop paying for the past and start saving for the future today!  Schedule your free consultation right now!

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Don’t waste your time with debt settlement or debt consolidation as those options have proven to be costly and ineffective.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the clear choice when it comes to becoming debt free, and that’s why millions of Americans file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection each and every year!

It is my mission to serve the residents of the entire State of Connecticut and offer my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services at the lowest rate possible so that as many people can afford to file as possible!  I am committed to helping you get out of debt conveniently, quickly, and affordably.  Because everyone deserves a fresh financial start!

Hello! My Name is Attorney Paul S. Taub, and it is my mission to provide affordable Bankruptcy Lawyer CT services to those who need it and live in the state of Connecticut.  I am a Hartford County Bankruptcy Lawyer, a Tolland County Bankruptcy Lawyer, a Middlesex County Bankruptcy Lawyer, a New Haven County Bankruptcy Lawyer, a Litchfield County Bankruptcy Lawyer, and a New London County Bankruptcy Lawyer.  As long as you live in Connecticut, it will be my privilege to handle your bankruptcy case personally just as I have done for hundreds of clients since 2002.  That is my promise to you!

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